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A car motor sports race formula

A car motor sports race formula to create action, excitement and spectacular races from start to finish. The small differences between the race cars make it very hard to overtake. The spectators on the circuit and in front of the television do not see much action, it is a train of race cars driving towards the finish line. The start is often the most exciting part of the race and after that it becomes boring.

Tracksplit should create action on the car motor sport circuits so the show becomes interesting for spectators and they enjoy this kind of entertainment. When more spectators watch the races it becomes more interesting for sponsors and sponsors are willing to invest which means teams, drivers and circuits get the opportunity to survive, improve even develop things for the future.

What is a Tracksplit

- The characteristics of a race track will be changed at a certain part of the circuit by splitting the track into 2 separated lanes.

- The track needs to be redesigned so 2 absolute equal and equal fast lanes arise. The distance and the turn pattern of the 2 lanes need to be exactly the same, so it makes no difference for the driver which lane he takes.

- A Tracksplit can be 20 to 500 meters long and the model depends on the space that is available on each circuit.

- It is possible to have 1 or more Tracksplit’s on a circuit and this depends on the length of the circuit and what kind of races they organize on each circuit.

- Each Tracksplit needs to be designed so it is survey-able for the drivers and dangerous situations can be avoided.

- To reduce the risks driving towards and out of a Tracksplit there should be white lines on the track, like it is common at the entrance and exit of a pit lane.

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