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The intention with GT Car Center is to develop the GT car service and after market as well and professional as the passenger car market is today. Support world wide GT car sales, organize OE parts and quality services in an independent dealer network.

The passenger car market is world wide well organized and parts and services are wide spread available in the official dealer network and in the independent dealer and service network. This is not always the case in the GT car market. For us GT cars are roadsters, sports cars, sport coupes, from new car, young timer to classic car.

With the GT Car Center concept we plan to offer a service to GT car dealers, GT car manufacturers, GT part suppliers and of course GT car drivers and enthusiast.

A business model that can be profitable for electric car and nische car activities.

GT Car Center Trade mark

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The GT Car Center program consists the following services:

    GT car sales: Web based sales platform for world wide sales of (new/) used cars

    Parts supply:
    online GT parts catalog with web shop and central warehouse with logistics

    : uniform diagnostic tester for GT cars, service and technical information

    car specific, products and technical courses for mechanics and sales people

    Rental cars:
    consolidated purchase of cars and warehouse interior for rental services

    Car storage:
    promote the storage service and centrally purchase interior for this services

    GTCC Boutique:
    offer a program of clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc. around the GT car

    GTCC Lounge
    : offer a bistro / lounge program to create an additional attraction to visitors