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JOWH facilitates and supports business transactions and relationships in the B2B business world based on a proven background in management, marketing, sales, purchase, customer acquisition, product and market development, logistic support, business development and project development within the automotive aftermarket, the motor sport, GT/ sports car business, ICT and internet projects, manufacturing industries, etc..

JOWH helps and supports European and non European companies in finding customers and in expanding business in Europe.

JOWH not being a distributor or wholesales has some advantages;
Suppliers can supply their products to more customers under their own labels and brands and under customer private brands.
JOWH will continue to promote the company labels and brands since JOWH has no own direct sales, no own brand or competitive products that a distributor or wholesaler must sell.
JOWH has no restrictions to regions, borders or own distribution networks.
The supplier is not tied to an (exclusive) contract with a few customers but can expand free if needed and as desired.

When starting up a business in a new market it sometimes does not require a full time job or it is too expensive to have a full time employee taking care of customers abroad and to visit them regularly. This may change when the volume is big enough and maybe when a local office or warehouse becomes profitable. Due to the low transport costs and the relatively fast delivery from Asia to Europe, in combination with the local stock of your customers, this is not always necessary anymore.

Business opportunities increase significantly when people are in direct contact and see the other person. The confidence in a company and product becomes much higher when they have a direct contact who understands the local situation, can solve problems and can organize things quickly in case of an emergency.

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JOWH services:

- Marketing research and competitor benchmark

- Existing customers contact

- Problem solver

- Sales offers

- Private brand packaging

- New customers acquisition

- Representation at exhibitions

- Ordering service

- Logistic service

- Payment service

- Reporting

- European website


Link to: Freelance support