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In line with the activities and experience of JOWH we focus on traditional, mature markets and promising, sustainable markets. The traditional markets like the automotive business and after market see little changes at the moment although the criss make the competiton growing, not only from national side but also coming from international players, from the internet and smart phones. Information about products, prices and companies is available 24/7 from all around the world. 

We see markets arise who at first sight are not aligned or competitive to these mature markets: computers and software developments that make cordless control normal, computer games that are more attractive then live sport events, active internet communication and interaction between people and machines all over the world.

These new markets are quickly also having a big impact on the traditional markets: we see webshops and communities active in the private and business sector, steering and braking by wire in cars like in airplanes and computer games, communication between vehicles for traffic information and pro active distance control, solar and wind energy with de-central electricity production.

With the experience of the past we want to grow into the new market which is a combination of the traditional markets and the new markets. We see the future with electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles with range extender and growing demands for wind and solar energy with de-central energy storage systems.

Nevertheless all these develepments are coming from visions, missions, strategies and plans, all organized and implemented by people, some more successful then others. Let me know if I can support you and help organizing your business, solving your problems and mastering your challenges.


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