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JOWH was founded on January 1, 2007 by W.H.H. Joosten.  JOWH business intents are to support SME companies, international business activities and industry transactions and relationships.

JOWH has more then two decades of experience in the automotive world with broad knowledge and international experience in strategy development, project development, sales, marketing and purchasing. Although the background is mechanical and automobile engineering, JOWH believes to have scored successes as a result of strong management, communication and negotiation skills supported by comprehensive analyses.  JOWH believes to possess the valuable ability to build beneficial business relationships and successful interaction with partners, suppliers, customers, management and colleagues.

JOWH has the knowledge, social skills and experience to reach contacts from the service bay through the supply chain of the wholesale distributor, supplier and manufacturer, to the decision makers of the largest multinational firms. JOWH can provide references and projects that will confirm your confidence in JOWH.


JOWH, with 20 years of experience and know-how, manages projects and solves problems effectively and efficiently.  Our results begin immediately. JOWH believes in a direct approach with an open and upright contact, that you and your people can rely on and trust.

Through common sense and pragmatic thinking, along with prompt actions that immediately address the problems, JOWH ensures a successful approach and solution.  JOWH can be trusted to provide this support and strong leadership at the operational and management level.

The power lies in our uncomplicated direct and diplomatic approach in a clear and transparent manner. With JOWH, you always know exactly where you stand.

The philosophy that drives me as entrepreneur:
build the future (the challenge), improve situations (the problems) and make companies and people more successful.

The philosophy to become successful:


  • Clear lumber quickly
  • Secure quality everywhere
  • Prevent problems
  • Act fast and well considered


  • Concentration on core activities
  • Install efficient operations
  • Control the costs
  • Benchmark competitors


  • Visit and listen to customers
  • Invite suppliers
  • Inform partners and investors
  • Surprise with innovations