Wind turbine

JOWH developed a completely new model (VAWT) high Torque Wind Turbine which achieves competitive performances at low speed wind (2 to 10 m/s). The wind turbine model has been tested and the international patent application was published ............. Read more


A car motor sports race formula to create action, excitement and spectacular races from start to finish. Even with small differences between the race cars overtaking will be possible. The spectators will see ... Read more


MKB bedrijven hebben soms en/of tijdelijk behoefte aan extra capaciteit en ondersteuning bij het oplossen van problemen en het uitwerken van uitdagingen……… Read more

GT Car Center

GT Car Center is a full service concept for GT cars after sales service. Support world wide GT car sales, organize OE parts and quality services in an independent dealer network. ... Read more
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